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Because a child's smile is priceless.™

Pediatric Dentists (Children's Dentistry) located in West Los Angeles caring for children in Santa Monica, Brentwood, Westwood, Malibu, Beverly Hills, and Culver City. Dr. Payman Pirnazar's BabyTeeth Children's Dentistry is a unique, personalized, high-tech private dental practice, specializing in Preventive & Cosmetic Dentistry for Infants, Children & Teenagers. Focus is on Preventive and Minimally Invasive Dentistry with a holistic, whole-body philosophy.





(W)holistic Care™ & Approach To Dentistry...

Teeth serve many purposes. Functionally, teeth help us chew and better digest the food that our body needs; in addition, primary or baby teeth also serve to maintain the proper spacing important for the proper development, growth, and eruption of the permanent teeth.  Cosmetically, teeth and a person's smile is one of the most memorable attributes and leaves a long lasting impression not only on a person's appearance but on how well an individual takes care of him or herself. In fact, a person's smile is usually the first thing people notice when meeting a new person.

The mouth which houses our teeth, tongue, and salivary glands is the natural gateway to all the essential needs of our body - food, water, air. Furthermore, the mouth is an integral part of the rest of the body and its health determines the health of the body as w whole. It is with this understanding and holistic approach that Dr. Pirnazar and the BabyTeeth Team care for their patients - your children. Dr. Pirnazar promotes and practices (W)holistic™ Care - caring for the body as a whole, with the understanding that overall health comes from balance and well-being among all of a person's integral parts. When there is an issue with a person's oral health, there is no doubt an effect on that individual's overall health and great consideration must be given when choosing treatment options that will address and positively impact the body as a whole. When a child has a cavity, it is not only important to address the cavity but perhaps even more importantly to evaluate and try to remedy why such a cavity was formed. Think about it, what is the benefit of fixing a cavity if in just a few months there may be one or often several more because the cause of the problem was not determined and addressed? 

Dr. Pirnazar uses an integrative approach to his patients' health. Although often proper treatment may necessitate restoring a tooth, in some cases consciously and actively choosing to monitor and later re-evalutating the situation is just as important in offering Minimally Invasive Dentistry (M.I.D.) as a valid treatment option. Often small, incipient cavities may be addressed through M.I.D. by using tooth remineralization, ozone (O3) application, laser-assisted diagnostic and Waterlase laser restorative dentistry techniques.